The Journey
of a Learner

A 12-part eBook series about navigating the African Entertainment Industry

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I Just Got Here...

I was bored. I wanted an adventure. I found one and the idea of it scared me. The reality seemed even worse. I panicked. I cried. I tried to fake it. I tried to dress my way through it. I failed woefully. 
Then I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I paid attention to those who came before me. I learnt from everyone, and every situation and it got me through one of the most exciting times in my life… The beginning of my career as a talent manager and creative entrepreneur in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 
The “Journey Of A Learner” outlines my journey through the entertainment industry over the last 12 years. Every story has a beginning and mine starts here! 


Why are you here?

So now you are in the industry but what’s next?

“The Journey Of A Learner: Why Are You Here” explores the challenges in the industry across Africa and how aspiring entrepreneurs can find solutions for the industry and purpose for themselves.

Some people come into the industry knowing exactly what they want to do or be and others like me had to stumble and fumble through to find our way. This eBook is for both of them.

I hope you enjoy it!



The Least Stupid Person in the Room

Two ears, two eyes, two hands, two legs, one mouth… Use them accordingly. Intelligent people have the common flaw of loving the sound of their voice, but the smartest guys think before they speak. To think, you need to listen and observe to enable information to guide your thought process. We all make the mistakes of trying to show how well we know things or how informed we are.

Sometimes, in a bid to impress people and to feel good about ourselves, we completely lose the opportunity to learn something valuable.

Book 3 of the Journey Of A Learner Series aims to discuss this by highlighting ways we can avoid being “The Least Stupid Person In the Room”.


The Secret Ingredient

This eBook isn’t about writing a plan. That’s pedestrian. Anyone can learn planning from the internet. What happens after you acquire one of these plans? After the rush of download, and you’re super pumped to jump right in. What’s next? The key here is to find all the elements of this unique ingredient. That’s what makes your planning easier. Once you have that knowledge, you can create your unique template and approach for your artist.

Dig in!


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